Get $20 in Bitcoin #UnbankYourself

Interest Rewards paid out weekly, up to 21.49%* annually

*depending on the type of crypto you deposit.

Get the app today and get $20 Bitcoin!

First, download Celsius Network apps (iOS or Android) and sign up a Celsius account using the invitation code 16009461ee (Celsius sign up link).

Sign up now with the invitation code 16009461ee to get $20 in Bitcoin after transferring $200 or more in crypto to your Celsius wallet and holding for 30 days.

Celsius mission

Traditional banks devour all the profits, and the last thing on their mind is you. That’s not Celsius style, and it never will be.

Celsius proudly share up to 80% of revenue with users so you can earn up to 21.49% APY, distributed weekly. Beat that, banks…

Celsius Crypto Loans

Why take a loan? Can’t I sell my crypto for cash?

You could, but you’d be giving up on your investment. Selling your cryptocurrency means that you will miss out on the benefit of its potential growth.

With Celsius, you could also borrow without letting go. And with no origination fees, it costs nothing to get started.

“Celsius is the second largest in assets with over $3.3B in coins excluding 350m #CEL tokens.”

“How Crypto Innovator Alex Mashinsky Challenges Fed Monetary Policy”



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